Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School...Done!

Survived the first day with went surprisingly well, too!  Let's hope the rest of the year goes as well.

Bob and I just spent over two hours with a financial adviser and let me tell you, my head is spinning! We are overwhelmed with information, so I'll leave you with a photo of my favorite place to be, where I'd like to be now as a matter of fact. :)

♥Caspian Lake, Greensboro, VT♥
Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Days Down!

Just finished Day Two of our school year...only 183 more to go!!  We've been there since Monday getting "professionally developed", and the kids arrive tomorrow.  It's always exciting the first week.  Since I'm in grades 6, 7, and 8, I get to see the old ones and the new ones.  It's fun!

I've decided to get my head "back in the game" this year at school.  Last year didn't go well, and with my husband suffering all the medical issues he did starting back in January, it was more important that my energies were focused at home.  This year I have a good schedule, I like each teacher that I'll be with, and more importantly than anything....I get to eat lunch with my pals!!

The weather here has been glorious since Tropical Storm Irene blasted her way through over the weekend.  We survived relatively unscathed, although my sister suffered pretty serious water damage.  Their family is safe, which matters most.  We had tons of rain, some wild winds, but nothing serious.  Our favorite state, Vermont, got hit damn hard, however...lots of devastation up that way.

Well, I'm off to iron my first-day-with-kids school clothes.  Stay safe and healthy!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School

The last time I saw the world this early in the morning was on June 23, our last day of school, and although I know it's a beautiful time of day...quiet, peaceful, promising...I do prefer seeing that from photos rather than firsthand.  I prefer staying in my cocoon until, well, until I drag myself out of bed because of some deep motherly guilt.  The good thing is that sometimes, that guilt doesn't kick in until around 9:45 in the morning!

So here I go, off on another school year at the middle school.  I do love my co-workers, most of the kids, my building and the constant movement, but really...I'm looking forward to June again!  Tally ho, and all that jazz.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

G'morning.  We're still here, watching Tropical Storm Irene outside the windows.  So far, so good.  We had lots of crazy rain during the night, with some good wind gusts.  My husband Bob, aka Weather Guy Bob, just said that it will be a little crazier later on, but nothing like what was originally predicted.

Our oldest daughter is riding it out in southern Connecticut at her boyfriend's house, so I'm very grateful for cell phones.  I don't care how old they are, they're still our kids and we still worry.   They just don't get that until they have kids of their own, though.

We're due to start school tomorrow, but will know later on today if that changes or not.  I'm in complete and total denial about having to go back, so maybe one more day off will help (yeah, right!)  My mom stayed here last night, so we're all hanging out watching the Weather Channel, getting ready to put a ham in the oven for later on.  Not so bad for a Sunday afternoon, provided everyone stays safe. :)  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

RAISE YOUR HAND should be booted out of the entire blogging universe because you haven't blogged since Spring...GUILTY!

I hope everyone is healthy, happy, safe and enjoying life these days.  We are here, although we've gone through some pretty major changes since my last post.  The short story is that my husband is now officially retired from UPS, due to medical issues, where he's been a driver for almost 30 years, and we've all been going through that life transition.  So far, so good, especially if he decides that cooking supper every night is FUN!  He should be ok, but we all know how quickly life changes, don't we?

Well, here in Western Massachusetts we're bracing for Hurricane Irene's arrival.  Just over two months ago, on June 1, we had a slew of tornadoes pass through our town and surrounding towns.  It was a freak thing and very terrifying, not only because we've never had one like that, but also because it was so sudden and unexpected.  The only "good" thing about a hurricane (and I use the word "good" loosely), is that we've been given a few days to prepare.  We're as prepared as we're going to get; now all we're waiting for is my mom to come here where she'll be staying until it's safe for her to go home.  She's 90 years old and survived the Hurricane of 1938 (among other things), so she's taking all this in stride.

I have supper in the crock pot today, we have plenty of propane for the grill if we need to cook on it for a few days, the laundry is done, the yard is cleaner than it's ever been, and we have plenty of cases of water.  I'm not real sure why we have cases of water, but every emergency expert says to get water, so we did.  The only thing we didn't get was a generator.  I did get 70 pounds of ice, though, so let's hope the coolers do their job!

I'm going to do my best to be here more regularly and get back to reading my favorite blogs, too! See you sooner rather than later. :)