Sunday, June 4, 2017

Loving the Rain and Newest Etsy Sales

Raise your hand absolutely LOVE the sound of rain!  Me, too.  It relaxes me like nothing else does.

We're due for "unseasonably cool" temperatures the first part of this week and all I can say is...YAHOO!!  I love "unseasonably cool" temps!  We're also due for rain, so between those two things, I'm in my glory.  That means I can continue to wear a sweater to work and not sweat.

Life is good.

I've made quite a few sales this past week in my Etsy shop and I think it's because I now accept credit cards.  Who knew?!

Newest sales this weekend... of my favorites; my own design.  Chakra necklace using gorgeous crystal beads.

I think of these colors as beach colors.

Gorgeous amber beads with copper wire.

Turquoise colored glass beads and wire wrapping.

Another chakra necklace using smaller seed beads.

Each of the metal washer pendants I make is my own design and is one of a kind.  

I also weeded the patio (which just sounds odd), planted a flat of pink impatiens to place wherever color is needed, took care of some necessary computer work, and ironed my school clothes.   

But first I took a solo ride just to have some alone time.  It's been too long since I've done that and thankfully, it made the difference I needed.  

So tally ho...12.5 more days til summer vaca!!