Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi. Took the day off today for my husband's doctor's appointment. The options are not wonderful, the choices are scary...risky bypass surgery with a two month recovery period and no guarantees, no surgery but unable to work at all, total disability. He's only 55 years old! I always thought we'd be much older before any of this stuff happened. Why did my parents seem so grown up when they were this age and I still feel like a clueless kid?!

Today I'm dealing with it by organizing important files, making overdue phone calls, reading favorite blogs, and listening to the wind. I'm also staring out the window in a mental fog, too. How am I doing? The two of us are talking, too, but neither wants to be the one to make a final decision. But like the doctor said, we need to make a decision and not look back.

Maybe I'll bake some cookies. That might help. :)

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