Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ooooh...the mayor just walked by. He lives a few doors down from us. He USED to run the local hardware store in town (not there anymore), but somehow, he got elected our first ever mayor! I wonder if he's taking a walk to clear his head and think.

Our mayor will be delivering his budget to our school committee next week, the same budget that will determine just how many teachers will be out of a job, just how many paraprofessionals (which I am), school nurses and administrators will be out of a job, just how many programs will be lost, whether or not our high school pool will have to be closed down, just how much the cost of health insurance will go get the picture.

I hope he remembers his "roots" so to speak. I hope he remembers that there are faces and families involved, not just dollar signs.

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  1. I am a teacher, too, with 12 years seniority in my position and I'm looking at possibly being cut, also. It's tough times if class sizes are going up over 30!