Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hi all. I've been feeling exceptionally sad, empty and almost hopeless lately. As a matter of fact, while taking a walk yesterday to clear my head, all I did was think about how sad I am. A rather self-defeating practice to be sure, and not my normal state of being.

Well, I subscribe to DailyOM via email which, among other things, sends me my daily horoscope. When I read yesterday's, it was as if it was written solely for me--it gave me a chill when I read it! It talked about the feelings of sadness and hopelessness that are suffusing my soul. In a nutshell, it said that those feelings are what I'm "supposed" to be feeling right now. Those feelings are causing me to dig deeper to find their cause, and perhaps even change whatever I can, thereby changing those feelings. In essence, it gave me permission to feel sadness, to embrace it, to find its root, and to change. Permission to feel and permission to change.

Today I made a conscious decision to try that, to explore the cause, to try and change. I must say that I do prefer emotional "ruts" rather than change, so this could be a challenge, but a worthwhile, very necessary change. And maybe even those around me will change, too. Could happen. :)

On a lighter note....raise your hand if... you got new shoes today!!! Yeah, me too!!

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