Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hi-dee-ho-there! (I always wanted to say that). Anyway, remember when I mentioned my very first blog giveaway? Well, below is a list of the other bloggers that are participating...stop by, visit them and enter. They are some very talented and intelligent women, let me tell you. They have good stuff, too, and they're sharing! :)

Art from the Heart - Catherine in ME
Basia-Spirit Space - Barbara in MA
The Book Kitten - Kitten in CT
Fabric 'N Fiber Fanatic - Sara in NH
Life, as it is... - Tara in MA
Living the Local Life - Virginia in NH
Loving Mom 2 Boys - Liz in RI
Penny's Art Room - Penny in ME
Raise Your Hand If... - Carol in MA (that's me!!)
Seriously, No Seriously - Michelle
Thoughts from an Evil Overlord - Elizabeth in MA

Here's the adorable giveaway button again...

Tomorrow I plan on doing my sign(s) so I'll post a photo of them for all the world to see. I'll be paying shipping to any U.S. address, so no worries there.

PleasePleasePlease enter because if you don't,then I will feel rejected and I don't take rejection well at all. Really, I don't. Not at all. See? I'm already starting to get worried!

PS~Almost forgot...all you have to do to enter is to leave a comment telling me your very favorite song/singer. How's that for easy-as-pie?


  1. okay okay i promsie to enter!!! i dont want yout o feel rejected!!!!

  2. thank you annie!! i feel better already! :D

  3. ok here's my favorite song: norah jones - come away with me :D i hear it and take a deep breath every time!