Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today was a wonderful show of color around here...the azaleas, forsythia and weeping cherry trees are starting to burst forth, just to name a few. With the breeze, sunshine and blue skies, it was close to perfect. The weekend threatens HOT temperatures, which make me real cranky, so I'm hoping they're wrong. Spring just might be my favorite season, well, except for autumn. Now there's a riot of color! ♥

Tomorrow I hope to spend the day in my cottage finishing at least one of the signs for the giveaway, hopefully two. I've also been "commissioned" to do a sign for a friend (doesn't that sound fancy shmancy?), and today, while having a wonderful Reiki session, I got some more ideas for other signs. If only free time weren't such a rare commodity...sigh, like we all don't say that!

Ah well, a peaceful, rest-filled night to everyone. See you in the morn. :)

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