Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soul's Restlessness

Hi. Anyone out there ever feel as if you’re not following your soul’s true path? Ever feel as if your life is like a leaf just sort of meandering downstream, bumping the shore here and there, hitting rocks, being stagnant, getting stuck in whirlpools? I do.

I was whining to my friend Michelle, my very favorite Reiki Master, and boy, did she have a kick-in-the-butt answer for me! She told me that this restlessness is my soul’s way of telling me that it’s time for change, but that “I” am fighting it all the way, hence, the restlessness. My soul is ready for me to wake up and follow, but the “I” is scared to death. She knows I do NOT like change of any kind and that I fight it--I fear change.

I have based most of my life-decisions in fear which has brought me to where I am now, restless, churning and scared to death to change, but all the while knowing the time is near.

One of my greatest fears is dying with regrets; yet, without change, regret is what’s left. I need the change, I need to follow my soul’s true path…yet I need to feel safe. Can you say “rock and a hard place”?


  1. *raising my hand* Me too, me too, me too!!!

    I have been in that same "rock and a hard place", uhhh, place for the past few months, my friend. Still working at the mall ... meanwhile feeling more and more restless with each day. Know that the health insurance and the benefits and regular paycheck are important ... but I also know that my sanity is equally as important and part of me just wants to give my two week notice and see what happens. Michelle has told me similar things before ... and here I still am.

    Anyway ... so I'm right there with you. If you'd ever like to get together for coffee (or tea) and catching up, I'd love to do that ... sometimes talking with someone outside of our situation, but who's going through similar things, can do wonders. :)

    Hugs to you ... xo

  2. Hi Jess...I think that would be nice. :) We can compare angst!

    School doesn't get out til 6/24 and I'm leaving for one week on 7/5, so maybe after that?

  3. That sounds perfect! Looking forward to seeing you! (in the meantime, feel free to call/email/IM if you need or want a listening ear) :)