Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well, this morning I had a rather unimpressive list of stuff to do. Now that the day is waning, I can honestly cross off, well, none of it. Instead of doing my "chores", I organized family photos, then took myself outside and played with my colored pencils. I did have my camera with me, though. (duh!)

We have only 2 deep magenta peony plants and they are both in bloom today. For once, there was no torrential rainstorm to batten down the flowers and we can enjoy them much longer.

While my son was puttering out back, this ginormous dragonfly landed on was HUGE...and kind of prehistoric looking, too.

We had a really nice visit from Bob's brother, his wife (my bff) and their youngest daughter who turned 13 today!

I'm glad that I knew enough not to try anything complicated today. Sitting out back, enjoying the soft breeze, the day, and my family, proved to be the right idea. Here's hoping you have a good evening. :)

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