Thursday, August 20, 2009

Raise your hand if... you just bought a brand new Maytag Super Capacity clothes dryer!!! I did! I'm so excited...I'm beside myself with joy! Now my Maytag washer will have someone to chat with, someone just like her, someone to commiserate with! (Sadly, this is terribly exciting for me.)

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time ever, I did major comparison shopping online since it was such a big purchase for us. I mean, I buy books online, just not big stuff. It was exhilerating and so darn rewarding when I found out that I saved....drum roll...OVER A HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE BUCKS!!! I did indeed. The best part is that by 9:00 a.m. today, our new dryer was installed, hooked up, running and the old one was outta here, all of it for no extra charge!

One more bonus was that my husband, while cleaning out the gobs and gobs of hazardous waste that had accumulated in the bowels of the old dryer, found the beautiful silver Irish knot necklace and chain that our oldest daughter had lost in the laundry three years ago. It needed the chain to be unknotted and polished, which her mama did quite wonderfully I might add, and it looked like new. She was so very happy.

Oh, and a tip for anyone buying a new appliance. Be sure to spend some time going through the innards of your old one. You will quite possibly find treasures galore, as witnessed by the fifteen dollars, jewelry, and previously unaccounted for work ID that my husband found.

Now I feel like a "big girl"...I have a set of Maytag appliances. How grown up am I? (And how lame am I for getting this excited over an appliance?!)


  1. Oh Carol, Carol honey--
    It's ok, I got really excited when we
    HAD to get a new dryer recently. I love it!


  2. Hi Carol,
    You have to think about how often one gets to buy a new washer...what once every 20, 25 years? We bought a new washer adn dryer when we moved into Acorn Cottage and it's been wonderful, so I understand your bliss! What an extra bonus to find those treasures, especially the necklace for your daughter! That's great!