Monday, August 10, 2009

Wii Snippets

I'm sitting here reading all my favorite blogs and behind me are two of my daughters playing a new Wii game. Here are actual snippets of conversations I am hearing.

"I got the fish. Look, the animated cat is sitting and watching me."
"Which person wants the cat?"
"You just have to get a second fish and he'll run."
"The slingshot knocks down the beehive."
"So he eats my second fish?"

(By the way, these are college-educated young women.)

" call the hawk and make it kill the chicken."
"Look, I'm fishing right off the dock."
"Catch two fish next to the cat, and then go back and get some rubies."
"Come on line, you've got slack".
"Jiggle the nunchuck or the Wii thing."
"I'm looking directly at two fish...come on fishfishfish."
"My original goals for tonight were to get the quest started, reduced to getting the sword."
"I just want to get the slingshot!"

(Expensive colleges, I might add.)

"Is this the singing grass?"
"Pick up the rock and you get a rupees."
"Jiggle one, jiggle the nun, jiggle the nun!"
"There's a cat door?!"
"Maybe you get the slingshot for free."
"You only have to do this 29 more times!"
"Scoop. Scoop."
"Obviously the yellow's worth more."


"I went all the way up here for fifteen rupees?"
"Look at his hips!"
"There's some grass right there. The house I want is over there."
"That's why you need a chicken."
"I have to go back to see the kids."
"Oooh, Pocky!"

(WHA...?! HUH?!)

And they think their parents are weird? Yeah, no. I don't think so.


  1. i'm glad my zelda lingo impresses my mother!!

  2. hilARious!
    truly!we know all about zelda...;)

  3. Carol---
    I love it! You should tape them next time and play it back to them. :)
    If you would send me that recipe through
    email that would be wounderful.


  4. Carol, I hear those kinds of conversations at my house when the xbox is in use. Since they are usually playing their friends on Live, I usually am only privy to one half of the conversation which makes it even more weird.