Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hike #2

Hi again. Chilly here finally, which is what I've been waiting for since the warm weather started last June!

Went on hike #2 last night and it was neat. There are no photos as it was too dark! This 3 1/2 mile path is mostly underneath towering pines which block out the little bit of light that was left. By the time we got out of the woods, it was too dark to see much of anything, let alone take photos. The other hikers mentioned something about "headlamps" for next week! Headlamps? How about just a flashlight?! They also mentioned joining them for this Saturday's hike up Mt. Monadnock in New, maybe next year guys!

I realized something as I was walking though...what I really wanted to do was enjoy the water, the trees, the paths, but what I was doing was talking with the 2 other women the whole way, getting to know them. Perhaps that's part of this whole venture, but I need to drink-in the nature around me while I walk. Next week's goal will be just that. Oh, and not tripping over any tree roots in the dark!


  1. Hi Carol---
    Sounds like you had a good walk and you made
    it ok--watch those tree roots though.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow.


  2. Wow, we haven't had any cold weather. It's been just so amazingly warm and I'm thinking we'll pay for it soon.

    I tend to hike alone because I love the serenity of the woods and my thoughts but friends are always fun too.