Friday, September 25, 2009

Hypnosis Session #1

Raise your hand if...
this is your motto for every single Friday from now until next summer vacation!

I'm surprised at myself for not having written in one whole week; shame on me! I think I shall ground myself, send myself to my room for the whole weekend. Yeah, that should do it! :)

So guess what I did! I went to a hypnotist this past Wednesday for weight loss. Fer real...I did! I'd gone about 30 years ago and it worked then, except after that, I had three more kids (and a lot more Hostess products). Since then, I've put on about 40 pounds and let me tell you, those 40 pounds have settled in places that once upon a time, there were no places! Sad but true.

So far, so good. After each of the three sessions, I get a CD of that session which I listen to each day. At first I was all like..."I don't wanna. GrumbleGrumble. Waaah." When I was done whining, I realized that listening to a hypnosis CD for 30 minutes a day would actually be relaxing for 30 minutes a day...alone...quiet...peaceful.... Ooooh, in that case, okay!

I listened to it this afternoon in my cottage and it really was kind of relaxing. I feel pretty good right now; I also haven't overeaten or snacked or binged since Wednesday. Nice. The only issue now is that I think I'll be needing a recliner for my cottage. :)


  1. Carol--
    I just don't understand why we can't have the stamina we had when we were younger!
    I really think that it should not be this hard to lose weight. It goes on so easily.

    Good luck. Are you still hiking?

    Have a great weekend !


  2. Hi Melinda. I so agree...with all we have to go through in life, somewhere along the way we should get a waiver, like in the weight gain department!

    I didn't hike this week because of a crazy schedule. I hope to do a "moonlight walk" next Friday, though. I hope it's chilly that night...down to the mid 30's tonight here! Finally.