Monday, September 14, 2009

Kayak Lesson #2 or "What Was I Thinking?!"

Raise your hand if... you and your husband are going for your second kayak lessons tonight! Yikes!

A few months ago when I suggested getting two kayaks for something totally different, I was picturing only peaceful, clean lakes that have no current. However, these lessons are given on a really big and scary river nearby, a river with a strong current, a river that I'm only moderately comfortable driving OVER looking down, never mind paddling ON, looking up!

Last week when we went for our first (and "only", I thought) lesson, the woman asked if I'd ever kayaked before, which I have. Apparently, in outdoorsman language that translates to..."give her the tiny kayak that her battleship hips barely fit into and that tends to tip with the slightest movement from the paddler". Uh, never again, thankyouverymuch. This week I want one that I like to call the "wide bottom" style.

Cover me...I'm goin' in! (Why did I say that? I damn well better NOT be goin' in!)


  1. Ummmm Carol--
    What are you thinking??? You are braver than me
    not impressed with water that I don't have control over. YOU GO GIRL!!!!


  2. Hi Melinda. Don't forget...I intend to say on lakes! I think I'm going to try and convince my husband to skip the lessons and just get the kayaks. That way, we can go out on the lake and not the scary river!

  3. Oh, it can be so scary. I went on one where they were talking about class 4 and 5 rapids and it was about the scariest thing I've ever done. You are very brave.