Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi there. Yay for Friday Eve!

The temperature here is hovering between 29 and 30 degrees with icy rain sprinkling down outside, clicking against the windows. I am toasty warm inside, planning on a nice, hot shower soon...I love Fall. :)

Well, last weekend was truly wonderful for the two of us. We heard the loons calling and watched them dive, watched the Canadian geese fly overhead, had coffee on the dock in the early morning, saw more stars than seems possible, caught a trout and a perch, filmed a snow squall, walked in the (chilly) sun, visited with our friends who are old-time Vermonters and ended up with homemade crabapple jam and a quart of their maple syrup. I even let Bob play with my camera for awhile and he did quite well!

The photos tell the story better than my words can, so sit a spell and enjoy. :)

On the highway heading north.

I think this is the smallest library in the country...t's the size of a small bedroom, for heaven's sakes!

A typical back road "speed bump"...we had to wait a bit for him and his tractor to finish up.

A one-room schoolhouse from around 1799.

This is one of Bob's favorite views, looking toward Mt. Mansfield and Stowe.

This is my favorite view, heading down into the village with a peek at the lake.

Snow on the distant peaks as we headed for home.


  1. Love the pictures-especially the one room school house and the teeny tiny library.

    Have a super weekend!


  2. The photos are beautiful. I've never had crabapple jam but it sounds wonderful. Your day must have been fantastic.