Friday, January 22, 2010


If I were to tell you that I could sure use an owl right about now, your response would probably sound something like this..."um, what?"

I'll explain. I am a strong believer in, lover of, and advocate of Reiki for anyone and everyone. When a friend, or even a "stranger", expresses an interest in finding a way of emotional healing, I will always suggest Reiki to them. It changed my life a few years ago; I don't know where I'd be today without it.

Anyway, during a session a few months ago, I had a "vision" of a beautiful, majestic owl that just sort of hung around for awhile. That's not so unusual, except that I don't usually "see" much when I'm having Reiki done, other than colors. When the session was over, I mentioned it to Michelle (my Reiki Master pal) and she looked it up in a book about Spirit Animals. Well, it turns out that my Animal Spirit Guide is, surprise, an owl!

I have loved owls for as long as I can remember. At one point years ago, I'd just put one of our babies back down after nursing them when I heard the most beautiful sound of an owl outside the window. I ventured outside onto the porch just to stand and listen (and I'm afraid of the dark!).

Every once in awhile, I'll awaken to hear the quiet sound of an owl in the tree outside our bedroom window and it soothes my soul.

It's been a long time since I've heard that, so when I say that I could use an owl right about'll know what I mean.
These first two photos are of owls that I painted. The third photo is of an owl that flew into one of our trees out back one day and rested there for most of that day. I was blessed to sit beneath it for over an hour, just the two of us.


  1. Very cool--you are braver than I. I would have to stand watching it to make sure it wasn't going to dive bomb me.

    Have a warm and wonderful weekend!


  2. Hi Carol,
    I haven't heard of Reiki before, but sounds interesting. Might have to check into it :)
    Owls are really fascinating. I love it on rare occaision when they perch on our neighbors high and mighty pine tree. I love listening to them and will stand outside motionless just to hear them. You did an outstanding job on your paintings! I didn't realize what an accomplished artist you are!


  3. You are a very talented artist. I do know about Reiki and I understand.
    We have lots of owls all over here and they are even out during the day.

  4. Thank you. :) I wish owls were that abundant here...I'd be in my glory!