Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cupcake Raise your hand if…you ate enough raw cupcake dough to eliminate eight cupcakes from the finished product.  Yeah, so did I. Ugh.  Did you also get the accompanying stomach ache and sugar headache?  Ditto here.  Blech. 

All I can say is that they’d better be gone before I have to eat the frosting!


  1. hahahaha!
    i love you, carol...you are too funny.
    and no, it wasn't cupcake mix, it was cookie dough ;)

  2. Cupcakes huh? love them, need to make them.
    Maybe this weekend??????????
    Don't make yourself sick!


    PS: Love the new header picture.

  3. Hi gals. :) Cookie dough, cupcakes...either one is perfect when it's "one of those days"! Don't forget the milk, though!

    I'm glad you like my new photo. It's actually the valance above my dining room windows...I made a bunch of the little heart thingies with different messages on them; then I stuffed them with either balsam, lavender or batting. :) Thanks!