Thursday, March 4, 2010

carole king james taylor Raise your hand if…you just bought tickets to go see James Taylor and Carole King in July…TOGETHER, ON ONE STAGE, IN PERSON!!


  1. Whooooo Ha! That ought to be a great concert!!


  2. So very jealous!!! JT is my ALL TIME Favorite!
    Be sure to fill me in with ALL the details!
    When is the concert?


  3. Hi gals. I know...doesn't it sound wonderful? I never do stuff like this anymore!

    The concert's July 5 at Tanglewood, out in The Berkshires, the mountains about 40+ miles away from us. It's a beautiful place...acres and acres of beautifully manicured grounds where the Boston Symphony Orchestra usually holds their summer concerts. You can get "lawn" seats, or seats in The Shed. It's not totally closed in, so you not only hear the music, you feel the breezes. It's gorgeous.

    Arlo Guthrie lives nearby and he plays there as well. I used to go see Dan Fogelberg there (whom I would have run away with had he asked). James Taylor mentions the area in a song (can't remember which one), when he says "the turnpike was snow-covered from Stockbridge to Boston"'s near Stockbridge, MA.

    Sheesh, have I rambled on enough?? Anyway, there will be photos, but not til July! :)