Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Monday morning to you. Today is my first official Monday of summer vacation and so far, so good. The weather is outrageously hot and humid though, which I DETEST; hence the a/c running at our house for about three weeks now. It could always be worse, I know.

Middle daughter and her best friend are on their first-ever road trip since last Thursday. They spent three nights at a campground in Cape May, NJ, and yesterday, they arrived at a campground in Virginia Beach which turned out to be not-so-great. The heat index was around 110 degrees, there were no electric/water hook-ups for tenters, you had to park your car and haul all of your stuff through the woods, and the ants were the size of June bugs. After driving five-plus hours and being hot as hell, the girls were "on the edge", as they say.

She called me almost in tears, but through the AAA guidebook and a little online searching, they are now comfortably ensconced in a Day's Inn which is also much closer to the boardwalk. Just a little life experience I guess...and a lesson in always having a back-up plan.

Here are a few of the 100+ photos I took of the "baby" graduating from high school a couple of weeks ago. Where does the time go?

Bob and Colleen, the "baby".

My girls and my mom.

My son and our granddaughter at the graduation ceremony. ♥♥

Throughout the years, we've always had the kids pose on these steps for their first day(s)of school! Here they are now, "all growed up". ♥♥♥

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  1. Life and it's lessons--they are always there.
    Backups are always good too. Thank goodness for AAA we love them!!!

    Having a nice time off????