Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hi there.  How is everyone?  I can’t wait ‘til summer vacation when I can visit you all every day! :)

DSCN4121 Anyway, I just finished a bunch of pendants and wanted to share one with you.  This is for one of my bffs….whenever we’re kvetching about the craziness of the middle school kids, she’ll remind me that she believes aliens DO exist.  Proof?  The craziness we encounter every single day at work! This saying is one of her favorites…hence, a pendant. :)

Only 14 school days left!


  1. very cool pendant.... use that thought quite often myself! Great job on the pendants Carol. Can you tell me more about how you learned to make them? Happy Summering soon!

  2. Somehow I missed these.
    Really cute!


    Counting those days are you??????????? :)

  3. Thanks gals...and hi Lizzie! Nice to meetcha. :)