Thursday, July 29, 2010

Raise your hand if... your minivan radiator blew from here to kingdom come yesterday. Ditto here. Sigh.

Yesterday was one of "those" days where I woke up cranky and it was downhill from there. After a really s-l-o-w start to the day, I finally got my youngest daughter to the college she'll be attending in order to complete some forms. At the moment I was pulling into the last parking spot available, the radiator blew with a vengeance. (Evidently, we're supposed to be monitoring that little temperature gauge thingy on the dashboard...who knew?)

It was quite a spectacular sight, let me tell you. The steam pouring from the engine was so impressive that people in other cars were closing their windows!! We sat back and watched the pyrotechnic show emanating from the engine, then figured what the heck...we went inside and accomplished what we were there for.

After all was said and done, I called AAA (at 1:25 p.m.) and they said they'd be there by 2:10. Wellll....2:10 came and went, so did 2:30, 2:45 and 3:00. Around 3:15 the tow truck showed up and the guy just sort of sat there, looked at my van which was nose-in the parking spot, beeped his horn at me (not sure why...evidently he didn't want to have to wait), and said, "How am I going to get it on the truck?"

Huh?! Wha...?!

I actually heard myself say to the "expert", "Perhaps we could back the van out first?" I'm not sure he heard the dripping sarcasm in my voice.

Anyway, the upside was that I got to spend two hours with my youngest, chatting, laughing, whining, reminiscing, answering her questions (not all of them, mind you), and just enjoying her company. That was the silver lining to an otherwise crappy day. :) And how was YOUR day?


  1. Our car broke down when we were on vacation in Nevada. While we waited for the tow truck I played on a poker machine and won $100. We never did find out what was wrong with the car. It started up right away at the mechanic's!

  2. Sorry to hear about your van. Hope everything os ok with it now.
    At least you got to spend time with your daughter.

    Take care.