Sunday, August 29, 2010

Geo-caching Success!

Hi there. So, has anyone ever heard of geo-caching? Me either, until a few weeks ago. My husband heard about it, downloaded some geo-caching doohickey onto his phone, and we went.

He set out early this morning and found his first one ever. It was called a "micro", meaning it was smaller than small. I probably would have walked right over it cuz I wouldn't see it. Who cares.

The two of us set out together this afternoon with his geo-caching doohickey on his phone. We traipsed down a long path, through the high school football practice field, up a hill, into the woods, and finally found it at "the base of two broken trees". I found it first!! Yay me!

The next one was a bit harder because the clue wasn't so great. It was more of a riddle, and I do NOT like riddles. We followed another dirt path into the meadow (loosely translated...lots of small trees and four foot high grass). Bob persevered and lo and behold, he found it, his third of the day. :)

Once you find your cache, you open it, sign the log, and then replace everything just as you found it. We added a nickel to this one, though, just because. :) When you get home, you go to the website and log your find in, which Bob did.

When the kids asked why we were doing it, I had to think about it for a bit. I guess it's because it's a challenge, you're outside together, and once you find your cache, you can say "I did it!" It's kind of cool...sort of a scavenger hunt using map coordinates.

While I was waiting for Bob to figure out some of the map stuff, I saw this...

...and this...

...and these.


  1. My hubby and I geo-cache. When we went to Pahrump, Nevada to visit my sisters we found three caches. We love doing it. There was a cache here in Kelowna that was a book exchange. I brought Alice in Wonderland to trade and we took a religious book. That one was the best. They had the books in a plastic container under a foot bridge.

  2. My husband and I have cached since 2004 and why? Just for the reasons you show at the end of your post. We find the coolest things and see the most interesting locations, many historical. My favorite locations are those in nature preserves and woods. I'm a gardener, so caching in the spring is wonderful, with all the wildflowers in bloom. It's the challenge, too. Can we find it? :-)

  3. That is so cool that both of you gals do it, too. When we head to northern Vermont in October, we're going to do it there, too. :) It's like a toy you can take with you everywhere!

  4. We've done geocaching with the boys and when they were smaller with their cub scout pack. With the scouts, we had to find the cache first, plant our own box of goodies for the kids to remove from it so they didn't all take something from that box and leave a dozen Pokemon cards or some other "kid" things.