Friday, August 20, 2010

Hi friends. Well, I did it. I officially opened my brand new, first ever, bright and shiny Etsy shop! I've been pussy-footing around all summer, which is sort of my style...I don't seem to commit very easily. Anyway, stop on in, pull up a stool, have a candy from the candy dish on the counter and sit a spell. :) See what you think, and feel free to give me any suggestions you might have.

If all goes as planned (she said foolishly), I'll be making some more of those colorful magnets and I may even put them in the store, too.


  1. Love your shop. My favorites are the pink pendants.

  2. Congratulations and Good Luck!


  3. thanks gals. :)

    it is kinda cool; we'll see what happens with it. all i know is that i bought more paper today while i was "accidentally" walking through a craft store. i see a few more designs in my future; either that or i'll need an intervention.

  4. this is so great!
    when you go head back to work (what work?!)and people ask you, "so, carol, what did you do this summer?"
    you can say, "i opened a shop!"

    very exciting!

  5. thanks ms. k! you know, i've been feeling like i accomplished pretty close to nothing this summer, but you're absolutely right...i DID open a shop!