Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Signs

Hi there. I do believe Fall has finally arrived! Chilly temps tonight~maybe even blanket weather. :)

Here are the signs that I started and finished this weekend. This is one of the things that I really love doing.


  1. Hey, the signs are great. Do you make them for yourself, or do you sell them?

  2. Great signs--Same question as Belle???

    Have a great Monday.


  3. 'Morning. Thanks! :)

    I do both...some I do for myself, and others I'll probably be sending off to a craft fair. My friend does numerous craft fairs and takes some of my things with her.

  4. ...or maybe even Etsy if I can figure out a price! (I keep forgetting about that!)

  5. The signs are wonderful and I love your header photo and background. It's still warm here. No wood stove needed and I'm still wearing short sleeves.

  6. Thanks Mountain Woman. :) The header photo is from the's the only pumpkin to survive, so we're babying it.

    I am so craving the colder weather! I long to wear my sweater and wool sox! :)