Friday, September 10, 2010

Raise your hand if
you are beyond glad that it's Friday!! And then raise your hand if you just figured out how to play with all of the COOL font stuff on your blog!

And THEN raise your hand's cold enough that you had to close the windows in the house!!


  1. Loved your fonts. I'm jealous and probably too stupid to figure it out. Sounds like you are having a good day.

  2. I raised my hand for Friday.
    I raised my hand a little for the font.
    I didn't raise my hand for the last one because we had rain and the humididty was murder.
    Maybe you could explain the second one more so I know how high to raise my hand. :)


  3. Hi Belle and Melinda. The fonts are fun to play with and evidently, I've been able to play with them all along, I just didn't know.

    When you're going to write a new post on your blog and the box comes up that you write in, at the top of that box are two little "tabs". One of them says "edit html" and the other says "compose". Click on the "compose" tab and voila...all kinds of cute little buttons for font-playing. :)