Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Few Photos

This is a small wall area that I've decided to decorate just the way I want. :)  I painted the sign specifically for here.  I painted an old shelf black, distressed it, added a few of the wonderful smelling "pantry cakes" that I made, some primitive grungy candles, a few wooden spools, and a special family photo.
This is a close-up of the frame beneath the shelf.  It's a loon feather that floated to me while I was standing on the dock in Vermont that I mounted on a cream colored linen-y fabric.

 I just happen to really like this sign!  I'm going to send it off to the craft fair to hopefully sell it, but if not, I'm keepin' it!
 Another smaller sign that I finished last weekend, also headed to the craft fair.
I did these three today; I'm a little iffy on the light colored one, but they're heading to the craft fair, too.  I just have to add wire, and possibly a fabric bow or three.

This is a little peek of one end of my cottage.  It's where I tend to hang all of the projects I've finished.  The rubber boots are all of the "mud boots" that my daughters wore as wee ones. :)

And for the grand finale... I'm "pleased" to introduce  Audrey Hepburn (aka Colleen) and Snooki (aka Cate).  Another proud mother moment, let me tell you.  For the record, they were headed to a Halloween party; they don't usually hang out dressed like this. :)


  1. Your girls look terrific! They are also very pretty. I love the signs you made, and the shelf looks great. Saving the feathers was a nice idea. One of these days I'm going to try framing dried flowers.
    I started my craft blog, and it is helping me to get off my butt and work. I've got a link to it on my Tales From a Loser blog.

    Good luck at the craft fair and have a fun time.

  2. Love your signs. Can I ask what you sell the're home ones for? and will you ship them?

  3. Great signs and costumes.
    Super job you are doing.