Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hi there. I miss you! :)

I've been spending lots of time checking out stencils online and trying to decide if I should bite the bullet and buy an alphabet. I've always done my work freehand, but secretly lusted after the beautiful stencil work I see other people do. So...I did it. I not only ordered a complete alphabet, I also ordered one pre-cut stencil AND I had one custom made for me!! Now I'm excited waiting for them all to arrive in the mail!

The custom-made one was a little bit more expensive, but if I get lucky and sell at least two finished pieces, I'll make it back. Plus I get to have the knowledge that for now, I'll be the only person with that design.

(The top sign I made for my mom's birthday; she's Italian...hence, the Italian "Welcome Friends". The second sign I did for myself as that's what I always feel when I walk into my house.)

I've always struggled with creating things. I always thought I had to have a "reason", a "purpose", to create something, but finally, I've learned to create simply for the sake of creating. What a liberating way of thinking! Now I can simply get lost in what I'm doing with no pre-set idea of what "should" happen with it...I can just become enthralled with the act of creating it.

I'm doing my best to loosen the self-made chains I wear that force me to see something as "right" or "wrong"...I'm learning to see things as "perfect for this moment". Not so easy for an old broad, but worth it. :)


  1. Love your signs, especially the one you made for you. I'm still trying to get to the point that I can just create something for no particular reason. You're absolutely right! It's not easy for us old broads!

  2. I've been missing you too, and the stencils look beautiful. I'd like to relax more about my crafts. Mostly, I scrapbook but I have tried out many other things. Just getting started on something new is daunting to me. For instance, I stare at all the pieces I've gathered to make a collage and feel overwhelmed. I feel I won't do a good enough job, that I'm not artistic enough.

    You are right. It isn't easy for us old broads to change. I'm going to try today, I'm going to sit down and make a collage and see what happens. (I've been planning to do it for a month or two)

  3. Hi gals. At first it was hard to create things without any real reason, but once I started, once I got lost in the process, I was almost giddy! I spent so much time this past summer making those pendants and if I never sell another one, I'm still as happy as can be with them! I actually hang them all in plain view because it makes me happy to look at them!

    Belle...just start that collage! Spend some time getting lost in it without even thinking about what comes after.

    Lori...pick one little thing to do just because you "want" to, no other reason! It's such a freeing feeling.

    Oh yeah, the two signs I posted are both ones that I did freehand. I haven't yet received the stencils, but I can't wait!

  4. The signs look great.
    Perfection is hard one to get around. We push ourseleves too hard to be this way and I don't know why we do this.
    Good for you trying something different.!
    Come by sometime!