Friday, October 1, 2010

My Brother the Stone Mason

Hi there. Before I high-tail it out of town, I wanted to share with you my brother's website and some of his stone work. I sometimes forget just how amazingly talented he is, especially considering the fact that he's always been "my (sometimes annoying) older brother". I forget to see him through other people's eyes, but when I remember, I am proud, speechless and amazed.

He just got back from doing stone work in Ohio where the newspaper came out and did a two-hour interview with him, as well as taking over 50 photos. I can't wait to read it!

He's actually the guy in the blue vest in the photos of the restored woodland wall in Chester, MA. That wall is out in the woods near my sister's house and if I'm not mistaken, he just did that one out in the woods "for relaxation". Talk about leaving something beautiful to behold when you leave!

Enjoy the photos. :)


  1. Gorgeous stonework. I especially like how he does steps. That circle is great too.

  2. I went to Etsy to buy a pendant tonight, but it looks like they only ship to the States. Sorry I can't get one.