Thursday, December 16, 2010

There's No Place Like Home...

G'morning. I'm home from work today and it feels so good to be here. :)

As the days are winding down towards Christmas, time is running out for those handmade gifts, so here I am.   I'm doing two large signs, larger than usual; they're both about 36" long.  I'm excited to get them done, and worried that they won't be exactly right!  (what else is new, though).

I went out earlier to turn the heater on in my studio...the temp inside was only 30!  It will take about two hours to get warm enough for me to work out there, so I'll have to linger over my coffees.  Oh darn. :)

And what are you doing today?


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  2. We'll try this again.
    Come on by and see what I've
    been up to.