Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hi friends.  What a long, long, week.

Bob ended up having surgery last Tuesday on his left groin area.   When they had cleaned out one area and sewed him up, they found no pulse in his foot!  They did an angiogram, found that his entire leg was blocked with clots, opened up his calf, then did a small bypass there.  His recovery from anesthesia was tough as they had to put him back under right before he woke up in order to do his calf. 

By Wednesday morning, there was no pulse to be found in his right leg!  After another ct scan, it was found that his right groin area was blocked...and they don't know why.   He had another surgery Thursday evening, two units of blood Friday,  and as of this moment, he is finally home.  He is getting injections of a blood thinner twice a day from a visiting nurse, as well as taking Coumadin, which he is expected to be on for a long time once the level is safe.  The specialist is baffled as to why all the new blood clots appeared while Bob was on a blood thinner.  His exact words were "I am extraordinarily bothered; people lose their legs over this"....

Our life has changed dramatically in the course of ten days, to say the least.  We have no idea how long he'll be out of work, or if he'll even be able to go back to work at UPS...the weight limit there is 150 pounds and with this artery issue and being on a blood thinner, who knows. 

I'll be going back to work tomorrow with a little trepidation.  My mom called today and asked if she could come here and sit with Bob, so knowing she'll be here is reassuring.  Funny, no matter how old we get, our moms are still our moms and I am grateful to have her.

And so, onward, putting my faith where it His hands.

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  1. Oh my girl, you've had your hands full. Praying for peace and healing for both of you!