Saturday, February 12, 2011

Raise your hand got to (finally) spend the afternoon in your art cottage playing in your own creative energy!  Yay!

Finished these four signs today...finally!  With all that's been going on here, it's been a few weeks since I could get out into my cottage and work, so today, barring any medical emergencies, I was headed out there come hell or high water!

The two town signs are for a teacher at school who ordered one for herself before Christmas, then ordered two more to give as gifts.  The black "Welcome Home" is for my daughter to give as a gift, and the cream "Welcome Home" will be for sale.   I took the DE-stressing quite literally on the cream one and distressed the hell out of it!   :)

Tomorrow I hope PLAN to get out there again and start on three new ones that are itching to be painted.  With February vacation coming up, my plan is to spend time each day painting or will be so therapeutic.

Happy Weekend to you!


  1. I'm glad you got to spend time working on your crafts. Love the signs as usual.

  2. I'm glad, too, Belle. I hope you're busily creating these days, too! (and thank you)