Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weight Watchers Again!

Raise your hand if...you started back at Weight Watchers today.  (sigh)  Me too.  But the cool part is that now I get to use a cute little calculator to measure points. :) 

The only part of my body that doesNOT depress me is, um, hmm...my ears!  Yeah, my ears are quite lovely in both their shape and their flatness to my head.   Besides that, I'm disgusted with every inch of me. 

While going through all the old paperwork from my past WW ventures, I found out something interesting.  Turns out that whenever I get to within one pound of a certain weight, I start going back to meetings.  I don't weigh myself at home because, let's face it, even though I know I'm more than that number on the scale, it still controls my  moods.  Not good when you use food as armor.

So...let's see how this WW trip goes.  If I can lose 50 pounds, I'll be at a number I can live with.  I've done it before, I can do it again.  Tally ho!


  1. Best wishes as you start your journey! I too am headed down a weight loss road and have been for a few years. I've been stuck at this weight for months now. Good luck to you!

  2. I went to Weight Watchers years ago and liked the program. Right now I am exercising at the gym and trying to cut back on eating. Good for you, I'm sure you can do it again.

  3. Good luck--this is not easy but I have faith
    that you will succeed!!!!

    Spring Break NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!