Saturday, July 23, 2016

Did It!!

Raise your hand managed to stay in a (lovely) cottage on the lake SOLO! Me too!!

Earlier I posted that I was headed on vacation up north, and that for the first time ever, I would be spending a few nights alone.  It's no big deal for a lot of people, but being that I'm ever-so-slightly afraid of the dark, and of what goes bump in the night, I was a little anxious.  But...I did it!

I did have my girls, et al come visit for a couple of days, but once they left, it was just me and my flashlight, roughing it (not really).  There are other cottages in the area, but the ones closest to me were empty, so I really did feel alone.

This is where I spent most of my time, reading, thinking, being.... It's one of my most peaceful spots.  

Our VT friend, Neal, offered to share his lovely flowers with me for the week...

...and then there are the loons.  Their call stirs up something primordial, doesn't it?  I love them.


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