Sunday, July 24, 2016

Heart Eye!

Raise your hand have a heart on your eye!

Yeah, me either.  Bummer.  But my youngest daughter does...check this out.

If you look very closely, you'll see a perfect little heart on the lower left of her (lovely green) iris. How cool is that?!  

Her brows are also perfect, not that I'm too jealous.  

And she has curly hair and freckles, too, not that I'm too jealous of that EITHER.  


  1. Hi!!

    Didn't know you were blogging again.

    Cool post!

    Have not heard of this before now.
    Did you just realize this or have you known this for awhile??

    Hope you are well and look forward to more posts.

    M : )

    1. Hi Melinda...good to hear from you! I'm giving it a go again, see if I can stay focused this time. :)

      I never even knew this about my daughter until my other daughter pointed it out! It is cool, right?