Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go!

Raise your hand if you like this Pokemon Go thing...
cuh-razee!!  But I like it, I do.  It's got the phone-addicted kids:

1) outside; 
2) absorbing sunshine, aka vitamin D; 
3) breathing fresh air; 
4) walking; 
5) and talking to actual human beings, NOT to a phone!!     

Today I sat in a frozen yogurt shop where I had topped my healthy frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.  (No I didn't.  I topped it with crushed Butterfingers and some peanut butter filled chocolates).  

Anyway, outside the shop was a lovely town common with flowers, American flags, and a gazebo.   At any given time, there were 3 to 4 young teens inside the gazebo, sometimes even chatting with the other kids.  Not so unusual, until you throw in the fact that the gazebo is actually a "PokeStop"'s where you fuel up, so to speak.  Lots of cool stuff at the PokeStops, sort of like a Cumberland Farms Store for Pokemon Go lovers.   Cool!

Then, I came upon three middle school aged boys sitting on a bench outside of the shop, and three other boys were walking by.  They didn't know each other, but one of the seated teens said, "Hey, what team are you on?"  See?  Interaction!!  

For future reference, there are three (Team Valor), yellow (Team Instinct), or blue (Team Mystic).  Now you know.  

G'ahead...give it a Go!  (get it??)  Just be sure to look up from your phone before you cross the street.  

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