Monday, August 1, 2016

Feeling Blue

Raise your hand ever feel blue.  Yeah, me too.

I was feeling blue a couple of days ago, and while I do love the color blue, I don't like feeling blue. (that's a lotta blues).  

There were a number of healthy ways I could have chosen to battle those blues, like...

  • talk a long walk
  • call a friend
  • journal
  • manifest Richard Gere (ok, maybe not that one)
  • go shopping
  • read a book get the idea.  Lots of healthy remedies.  

Know why I chose none of them?  Because I was craving frosting, plain and simple. 

So I made a cake. 

With milk chocolate frosting.

And I ate a piece (or three).

And  felt less blue.  Sort of a light blue, maybe even pastel blue.  

I suppose I could have just eaten the frosting right out of the container, but that seemed a little over-the-top, you know?  Unhealthy even.  

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