Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yellow Jackets?!

Raise your hand if...your crafting cottage has a giNORmous nest of yellow jackets between the trim boards!!!!  


No way can I go out there knowing there are hundreds of stinging insects 3/4 of an inch away, just on the other side of the sheetrock.   Not only am I allergic to the stinging demons, I am over-the-edge terrified of them!  I can't even LOOK at them!

Needless to say, I haven't been in my cottage for over a week, partly because of the heat and humidity, but most recently because of the terrifying yellow jackets!  

My husband has been working on getting rid of them on his own, because heaven forbid we call an exterminator!  

I think I'll give him a deadline of one more day, then...I'm calling in the weaponry, the top guns, the EXTERMINATOR!


  1. Oh girl, I have bees, wasps, and all manner of flying insects in our barn! I am allergic to bees but since we live in the country, I have learned to leave them alone and they seem to do the same with me! I go in and get the animals fed and I leave! Thank you, for stopping by my blog a few days ago. I hope you will visit again.

    Grace & Peace,

    1. Hi are a braver soul than I! I was watching from inside the house and my palms were sweating! Yikes!