Friday, March 13, 2009

Can I get a resounding TGIF??!!!

Does anyone else think that Fridays are just the best part of the week? I think that's because we have the whole weekend to look forward to, sort of like a mini vacation. :)

Once again, I've survived a week surrounded by about 900 or so middle schoolers. Put that together with it being both Friday AND Friday the 13th, spring-ish, plus a near-full moon, and you can just imagine the chaotic state of affairs.

No major bad attitudes to report, thank heavens. There are days, tho, that I wonder what EVER prompted me to work with children. Then I remember that, oh yeah...I'm here by default. As I never pursued a college degree and had 4 kids instead, it's what I do best (well ok, best-ISH). It's really not so bad, tho.

Hopefully going to spend some time with my best friend/sister-in-law tomoro without any of our offspring or spouses present. That way, we can talk about all of them! JUST KIDDING FAMILY! (sorta). Maybe do some creating in my studio...maybe just sit on the porch and read. See? I have two whole days to fill! Nice. See ya. :)

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