Thursday, March 12, 2009

So...I often get this little voice in my head that says "raise your hand if..." Hence my blog title. What do you think? Maybe a B for creativity?

Raise your hand if you've just finished cleaning eggplant parmesan off of the cream colored living room carpet and if Resolve is your new best friend!

Ok, well, earlier tonight we were having our eggplant parmesan in front of the TV (I know, I know; it's a nasty habit which we've begun to adopt since most of our kids are older and "on their own"). Anyway, my husband, who is in the painful process of quitting smoking COLD TURKEY after 43 years of smoking, is a tad jittery, to say the least. He somehow managed to drop the still full plate, UPSIDE DOWN, onto the carpet. The best part was that the unbreakable Corelle dinner plate shattered into about 14,129 shards of...well, whatever Corelle is made of. I do believe I earned quite a few points for patience-under-fire as I did not bolt out of the chair like a raging she-demon. Do you agree? Thank you.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! you did it!!! i actually know a real live blogger ... it looks great and i love the name! i think you earned maybe 4 or 5 rungs for the patience under fire tonight!! :) talk to you tomorrow, i hope!

  2. HEY!!!!
    I'm so glad you started a blog! ANd WOW....I applaud you and your patience. I try REALLY hard not to flip out when things like that happen... like when my sweet son spilled his blueberry smoothie in the tan carpeted van this afternoon. ARGH!!!!!
    Saying a little prayer for your hubs! Tell him I say WAY TO GO!:):)