Sunday, March 15, 2009

A giant, contented sigh would go right about here. :)

I just shut the window next to the computer, but I could hear a lone bird singing its way back to the nest for the night. The bird's song reminded me of something, not sure what, perhaps a past spring or summer night. It just had that certain melancholy ring....memory filled.

Much got done today with the amazing weather we had. The temp was mid 50s, the sun was doing her best to warm us, and we were like little worker bees. Everyone was working on something...two daughters were actually room cleaning. And by cleaning, I mean CLEANING! The porch is loaded with bagsandbagsandbags of trash, along with bagsandbags of stuff to donate. It's quite amazing what you find when you clean under a bed that hasn't been touched since, oh, I don't know...since dinosaurs walked the earth!

I finished a project for school, sort of a "project template" if you will. One of the teachers I work with assigned a project to the class and asked me to do one as an example for the kids. It's been quite a few years since I had to do a project, but I pulled it off! I'd forgotten just how much I LOVE glitter!!

I had to make a "memoir" bag filled with objects mentioned in the memoir we were reading. I did just that, except that I misspelled Rudy's name on the front!! Yikes! Thank heavens I'm not getting a grade on this project!!

I hung blankets on the clothesline today and when I brought them in, they brought that wonderful smell of fresh air with them! No candle or room spray can duplicate real fresh air.

I raked up remnants of last fall and was lucky enough to smell that wonderful aroma of freshly turned soil which holds the promise of spring flowers.

Today I hoped for time with family, fresh air and time to create...I got it all. I couldn't have asked for more.

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