Thursday, April 30, 2009

Muslims to Diablos

Oh man, am I ever Thursday night tired!  Working in the middle school with 900-plus kids between the ages of 10 and 15 (some are there on the 4-year plan) is draaaining!

I saw a fabulous photo opportunity today that made me crack up while driving.  Of course, my camera was HOME and I was not, but let me tell you about it anyway. 

Ok, follow along...picture in your mind a green grass-covered slope leading down into a small public park.  Just down the quiet street is a mosque where the local Muslims worship.  These four Muslim women were walking together toward the slope. Each of them was dressed identically in a long, black "dress", heads completely wrapped and faces partially wrapped in black.  Three of the women sit down in the grass, while number four hikes her "dress" up (no worries--she was wearing khakis), lies on her side, and prepares to ROLL DOWN THE HILL!! I so wished I'd had a camera with was great!

And, on a majorly opposite note, while driving with my oldest daughter today, we pulled up to a red light.  There, stopped right in front of us, calmasyouplease, was a DIABLO motorcycle guy!!


I was on the phone with my sister, and to quote her, "They are some major bad-asses! Don't cut him off, don't tail-gate him, probably you shouldn't look at him!"  She said this just as I asked my daughter to take a photo of him with her phone...luckily, she stopped in the nick o’ time or else we might not be here! 

My heavens...from Heavenly bodies to Hell-ish bodies all in one day! 

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