Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hi everyone. Robins are my most favorite bird ever. I mean, I love birds of prey, owls especially as they're supposedly my "animal spirit guide". But for the everyday bird, I love robins. They symbolize hope and the promise of renewal to me.

My father died in hospice six years ago on a Saturday morning in April. He was my kindred spirit. My mom is my best friend, and my dad was my kindred spirit. As you can imagine, it was an emotionally devastating morning. We'd gotten "the call" the night before that he was failing, to come quick. I did...drove like a bat out of hell through an ice/freezing rain storm to get there.

It was an endless, tear-filled, heartbreaking, family-filled, love-filled, and profound event that changed our lives forever with his leaving us. Right afterward, I went into another room for a minute alone and just stood there, staring out the huge window at the gray morning. On the slope in front of me was a lone magnolia tree, already blossoming before the ice storm had hit. All around, the grass was covered with the ice, except for an almost perfect circle underneath the tree. And in that circle of green grass, protected by the magnolia tree, was a flock of robins.

I felt a quiet smile and a peacefulness because I knew two things for certain. One was that I will see my father again, and the other was that there is always the promise of hope and renewal, no matter what. Things will always get better, spring will always come, no matter how unexpected the storm. Love you Dad.


  1. Wow ... NOW I know who the robin was for that I saw today. As I was on my way home tonight, I stopped at CVS to pick something up ... and as I got back into the car, on the top of the bush across the way, I saw this beautiful robin fly and land, almost as if in slow motion, and face me with his beautiful red chest, staring at me. I KNEW it had to be a message for someone ... and now I know who! :)

    *hugs* to you, my friend ... I love your blog (and you!!!)

    ~ Jess :)

  2. Robins are one of my favorite birds too. We are fortunate to have them surrounding our home. Such a gentle bird, and I love how big their bellies get (or maybe that's all the bird seed they get from the Mistress of the house).

    Thanks for sharing about your Dad. Somehow those moments, like seeing the robins underneath the tree, stay in our minds to help take away some of the pain, so that a sad memory can be replaced with something lovely.

    Now I bet when you see a robin, you have a smile come over your face!

    Hugs, Nancy

  3. What a touching story. God has a way of taking away our pains....Christine

  4. i like this post. it's sad but i remember that day, we brought you breakfast and you didn't want to eat it so dad fed it to the birds