Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Life for Salvaged Stuff

Hi everyone. I am so excited about all the entries in the May Day Giveaway that I'm embarassing myself, never mind my children!! Don't forget to enter by leaving a comment!

So, my son was here when I got home today, my very talented son who is phenomenal at creating things out of salvaged stuff. Case in point...he built this barn, BUILT THIS BARN, out of mostly salvaged materials. The best thing is that he designed and built the cupola out of 100% salvaged stuff...windows, wiring, roofing and the chandelier!! Check it out!

Today he showed me the finished potting bench that he built out of a salvaged double kitchen sink, complete with the antique gardening fork! How cool is this?!

I just love seeing creativity in action!

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  1. How talented your son is - you should be so proud!!!!