Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hi again...pardon me for forgetting to post this earlier.  (I must really be preoccupied.) Anyway...if you get a few minutes, check out my daughter's blog,  Back at the Farm.  She's crazy in love with her job at the farm stand.  Someday, she wants to have her own greenhouses, grow her own stuff, and have her own farm stand, along with farm cats...gotta have the farm cats!

She worked the farmer's market at 5:00 a.m. today and is headed to work the regular stand for another 8 hours.  The best part is that she loves it!  It is such a gift to not only be darn good at your job, but to love it as well. 

She’s still working on putting her photos on, as well as posting more regularly, but I love that she’s finally started.  :) 

Hope everyone’s Saturday is going smoothly, and that the breezes coming in your window are as gentle as the breezes coming in mine.

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  1. ive had a lovely saturday so far! i love farm stands!!!! how cool is it she gets to work at one :)! happy weekend to you! hope your hubby is continuing to improve... xox... annie