Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hi.  Yes, it is way past my bedtime (11:30 p.m.), but my husband just called from the hospital and the md is  “concerned” about a couple of things, so I’m sitting here kinda sorta waiting to hear back from him. I figured I’d post a few photos from my gardening today…

DSCN2180 One of the peonies, just moving  full speed toward blooming!

DSCN2181 Peonies along the stone wall out front.

DSCN2183 I’ve finished my own little garden corner with one of my favorite annuals, impatiens.  And a rock, gotta have the rock.

DSCN2185 Thought I’d see if one impatiens would grow out of the spout on this old tea pot.  I hope it does…how cute will that be?!

DSCN2178 Lastly, here is one sad little Brittany Spaniel, pining for her favorite master. Those are his clothes on the floor next to her so she can sniff them whenever she wants.  Poor pooch.

I hope your Saturday was a good one.  Night.

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  1. Sweet little sad! Hope your husband is better and home soon! LOVE the laundry post! :)