Monday, May 4, 2009

Hi friends and happy Monday to you (if there is such a thing!)

So I'm thinking real hard, reallyreally hard, about a life-change. Well, not a life-change per se, but a life-direction change. I've arrived at a point in my life where my soul is tugging at me harder than ever before, trying to get me to "listen up". I'm feeling an almost physical tug, one that's leading me in a whole new direction....where...I'm not real sure yet.

I've spent the last few years searching for my "true" calling, focusing on staying true to me, the "me" that's buried underneath mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother, paraprofessional, typist, artist. I've talked to many women and listened, really listened, to what they've told me~their stories, their journeys, their joys, their sorrows and I've started to give myself permission to change. If you knew me, you'd know how big that is for me since most of my life I've been comfortable in my rut.

Reiki started me on this journey, which I'm thankful for every day. Without Reiki I'd still be "plugged up", stagnant, and wallowing. I'm taking baby steps for now, one of them being that I meditated for the very first time in my life yesterday! I hope, I mean I PLAN on doing it every day...trusting that it will reveal whatever it is I need to know. And as I told my Reiki Master and friend, the thought of staying put scares me more than the thought of changing...and the thought of this change makes me joyous!

Here's to following our soul's true path!


  1. This is wonderful, I myself would like to do the same thing. I keep telling everyone I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Really a dog rescue is my dream, unfortunately it isn't my husbands. So you have to give some time. Take Care

  2. Hi Rainy. (I love your name!) I know what you mean about giving it time. They say that all things have their time. Just don't lose sight of what you want. If it's a strong dream or feeling, don't let it go.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Just need to listen to that little voice insideof you and am sure with meditation you will quit your mind from daily stuff so you can hear that voice speaking louder!

  4. quiet....I hate that there isn't spell check for day blogger will fix it!

  5. Well said...been "feeling" that same tugging...taking baby steps too...
    Happy trails!- wherever they may lead!