Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kindergarten to College

Our oldest daughter officially graduates from Mount Holyoke College on May 24, but today marks the very last day of college classes for her.  She’s done. Finito. Fini.

Four years have flown by faster than I ever imagined it would.  It feels like only yesterday (dammit, now I’m my mother!) that she and I were taking a tour of the campus; little did I know it would be her home for the next four years.   She knew, though, she knew.  She’s known since the age of 12.  She’s quite a gal. 

She’ll have two degrees…one in English and one in Philosophy.  I tell her that she’ll have a bunch of unanswered questions, but they’ll be grammatically correct.  Heehee.

For her graduation gift, she’d either like her passport (I can’t stand the thought of any of them leaving), or another tattoo!  She and her two sisters are getting matching tattoos…whatever happened to a beautiful string of pearls??!!  Can you guess what her father said about another tattoo?  You’re right!

1st day of kindergarten 1st day of kindergarten 1994.

MHC graduation College graduation 2009.

How did this happen?  Where did the years go? How did she get so old?  How did I get so old? What’s next for this amazing daughter of ours?  The world is hers.


  1. Oh how wonderful! I myself was excited when my son got out of college this year. Maybe it was the 450.00 extra dollars in my pocket from not paying his rent anymore. LOL

  2. Hi daughter is just finishing up her freshman year and I'm scratching my head. I'm already getting panicky that before I know it I'll be a grandmother and be looking into assisted living facilities....WAIT A MINUTE...what about my dream trip to Bora Bora and staying at the St. Regency in one of those little huts over the water and a pina colada...I can still remember when the kids were little and it seemed like in a blink of an eye they grew up. I tell them to stop it all the time!

    P.S. I haven't forgot to ask my sister about the flax seed stuff...I'm going on a little trip and will see her. We are bunking together so there will be plenty of time for girl talk and I'll get the particulars for you :)

  3. Hi Nancy. Oh dear..I was starting to panic. Do NOT give up on your trip to Bora Bora and staying in the St. Regency and drinking pina coladas!! Ever!

    I am already a grandmother (a young one thankyouverymuch) and I'm just starting to live my dreams!!

    I'll be waiting to hear what your sister says about the flax seed and I thank you in advance. Luckily the weather has been rainy and chilly, which I love, so the hot flashes have been fewer. But we all know what's just around the bend.