Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lovely Blog

Hi there. I just discovered a new blog by the name of Rimrock Creations.  I love it!

The artwork there is absolutely beautiful, as is the story of how Rebecca arrived at where she is now. It's so inspiring and shows the promise and hope of finding that it's never too late to "figure it all out", to find and follow your dreams.

Stop by and visit if you get a chance...the colors alone are gorgeous! 

Speaking of gorgeous colors, my granddaughter and I went shopping today for one thing and one thing only.  She needed an adorable pink basketball to leave at our house, which we got, but of course, once at the store, there were tons a few other things I needed.


One of those “necessary” things was a purple gazing ball.  Oh my…I adore it!  I put it in my new garden, right in front of the lavender plant.  I still have more space for plantings, which I’ll get to.  In the meantime, I looooove the color of this gazing ball and can’t wait til the sun shines on it and brings it to sparkling life!  (please note the teenage daughter’s reflection!)

Looks like rain is headed our way…nothing like an afternoon rainstorm to soothe my soul!


  1. that is so beautiful!!! i think i have to have one!@!!!!!

  2. Love your gazing ball...I don't have one (yet) but always admire them in gardens. BYW I love the Kenny Loggins song you have playing, so precious! I know this is the wrong blog,,,and I should be on your other one to relay this info, but I talked to my sister about the FLAX SEED!!! She said she takes 2 teaspoons and puts them in a coffee bean grinder and just does a quick 3 second spin to help break the flax outof it's shell (hull..sp?) and sprinkles it on top of her oatmeal daily and it's kept her hot flashes under control. Hope that helps....only took 587 days to get you the info!

    Smiles, Nancy