Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Giveaway Final Day

Hi and Happy May Day to you! 

Raise your hand if…you used to make little May baskets, fill them with “goodies”, hang them on someone’s doorknob, ring the bell and hide!  Such great childhood memories.

So, this wonderful May Day Giveaway ends tonight at midnight, but you can still enter.  Just go to my post dated 4/26  (back one page I do believe), leave a comment, and I’ll get notification that you’ve visited.  The drawing is tomorrow sometime and I’ll post the winner’s name here, loud and proud!

So lovely looking out the front window right now.  The sun is sinking lower, throwing her golden light across the lawn, the newly born leaves, and the tiny violets that are everywhere.  As Mr. Rogers used to say, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”


  1. We loved making May baskets! We filled ours with popcorn, and candy. We would decorate cups or strawberry baskets. Oh fun times! Things have changed!

  2. I never did make May baskets but what a wonderful idea. How lovely your world sounds as you look out the window.