Saturday, May 2, 2009

And the Winner is….!!


Hi everyone.  Yay!  The May Day Giveaway is over and the winner is…

CAREN over at kdottiedesigns

The best part is that she has a dance studio and says she will hang it there…how cool is that?!?

Thank you every single person who visited, read, and left such wonderfully kind comments.  Being that this was my first ever giveaway, I loved it!

And a great big welcome to everyone who’s a new follower.  It’s so much fun writing for y’all.

So, Caren, send me your mailing address and I’ll get the sign out to you, hopefully this coming week. 

For the fun of it, I’ve photo-recorded the very goofy highly scientific process of choosing a winner. 

Step 1:  The list of all of the names entered.


Step 2: My Babka’s blue Mason jar with all the names in it.


Step 3:  My husband shaking it up!


Step 4: Very funny, Bob.


Step 5:  Yay!!  Caren’s the REAL winner!


And as they say in Italy…fini!

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